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alko-stabiliserAL-KO stabilisers are one of the most popular, if not the most popular, ball type caravan stabiliser on the market. There is however something you need to know before you rush off and buy one of these for your caravan rig and that is they don't fit all your standard towballs. The good news is however that if you buy an AL-KO stabiliser AKS type, new from any supplier you will also get a black painted towball as part of every boxed UK stabiliser sold. The bad news is you will need to have your current towball changed to that fitted.

If you're buying a used caravan there maybe a chance that it will already have an AL-KO stabiliser fitted as part of the price or even when you buy a new caravan some dealers may include a caravan stabiliser in the price as a bit of a sweetener for you to buy. In these cases you need to check that if its from the dealer they'll include fitting the correct towball in the deal or how you can at least get the correct towball fitted before you take ownership of the caravan.

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You can purchase the AL-KO towball separately but you should be aware that alko-stabiliser-towballother towballs will work with the stabilisers but use of any other bolt-on type towball will invalid your warranty and will not allow the stabiliser to operate correctly. With that said you should know that a swan neck towbar is suitable for use with the AL-KO Stabilisers, providing the necessary clearances can be achieved. In short check what you're buying before forking out your dosh dosh!

towballsThere are two types of towball that must never be used with any AL-KO Stabilisers. These are the bolted intype balls and the A50-1 towballs pictured left.

A final thing to note about the AL-KO stabiliser is to always remember to only attach it to a dry and free from grease towball and that any protective coating should be removed. To help protect your towball AL-KO have produced purpose made towball cover that fits and protects your precious towball.

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bulldog blade stabiliser

Over the years the face of caravan stabilisers has change but the truth is the first design of these items still remains available along side the more modern designs. As technology has moved forward so has the types and styles of the caravan stabiliser changed. Nearly all caravan stabilisers fall into two distinct categories, either blade type stabilisers or ball type stabilisers.

The friction blade types of caravan stabiliser are the simplest and cheapest form available. It comprises of a single leaf spring arm where one end is placed in a saddle that has been attached to the caravan's 'A' frame (sometimes called drawbar). The other end of the arm stops in a pivoting friction damper which is attached to the car's tow bar.

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This system works by dampening the movements of the caravan snaking or pitching.
Snaking is prevented by the blade pivots on friction-damping discs that, when the caravan articulates, take most of the energy out of the movement. The damper consists of two friction discs sandwiched between steel plates and clamped tight by a central bolt. The bolt is used to adjust the force needed to turn the spring blade and it should be remembered that checking the friction setting from time to time and readjusting as necessary is important. The curve of leaf spring helps reduce pitching of the caravan as this should be parallel with the road at all times, any pitching will be dampened with the force required to straighten this bar or leaf again. Modern blade stabilisers feature a quick release cam to release pressure from the central bolt for easy removal and fitting of the blade to the saddle.


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The ball type caravan stabiliser works by applying pressure from friction pads against the sides of the tow ball. There are three things you should remember about the ball type stabilisers and they all revolve around the friction pads.

  • First are the pads which act directly on the tow ball it self so should always be kept clean and free of grease at all times.
  • Second is that since the area occupied by the pads is relatively small they wear out fast. Although you cannot adjust these pads there is a wear indicator and they are easy to replace.
  • Third point is to give your caravan the greatest stability you should avoid the type with only two friction pads acting on the sides of the tow ball. Choosing one with four pads will ensure the pressure is applied to the four main points of the tow ball, top, bottom, left and right side. These stop not only snaking but pitching as well.

There are a few minor complications with the ball type stabilisers but they are all easy to work around. Your main issue will be to have a long neck tow ball fitted to help accommodate the large stabilisers but often they are supplied with the new ball type caravan stabiliser.

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